Destination Monaco

MONACO, a unique experience

Monaco is luxury, glamor and prestige, a place out of the ordinary and unique in the world.

A city-state combining history, art of living and culture which has developed a daring economy, generating innovative ideas, in line with its territory of 2 km².

Beyond its reputation in key sectors such as industry, medicine, the environment, sustainable development and new technologies, Monaco is also renowned for being a high-end destination endowed with real know-how in the service sector, offering a tourist offer that adapts to all sizes of event.

Why organizing your event in Monaco?

As experts in event management in the Principality for more than 20 years, we hereby outline the advantages of "Destination Monaco", far too often overlooked. Beyond the clichés and preconceived ideas that some people may have, Monaco is the perfect location to host your event.

7 good reasons to choose Monaco for your event


A privileged geographical location, only 25 minutes by car and 8 minutes by helicopter from Nice Côte d´Azur International Airport

Hotel Facilities

A hotel park with more than 2,500 rooms in Monaco and up to 3,800 including the neighboring cities

Value for money

Attractive value for money with very competitive hotel rates compared to European capitals


Renowned for its very high level of security, where everything is within walking distance

Living environment

Exceptional sunshine for more than 300 days a year and an average temperature of 20°


A strong commitment to eco-responsible and sustainable development


The venue for the most prestigious international cultural, sporting and professional events