Monaco Mediax celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Back to news · Monaco Mediax · November 16, 2021

Monaco Mediax celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Monaco Mediax celebrates two decades of excellence in event management, with the mission of promoting the Principality of Monaco abroad.

In a constantly changing world, the events organized by Monaco Mediax have continuously renewed and reinvented themselves in order to remain leaders in their respective fields.

The Monte-Carlo Television Festival, permanently following trends in international television production, highlights the very best programs and talent. Over the years, it has become an ideal communication and promotional tool for all actors in the audiovisual industry and was also the first Festival to embrace digital programing.

On the B2B front, SPORTEL has always been able to evolve with the sports business industry and address developing sectors, while preserving its DNA. SPORTEL has just announced its return to the Americas with a brand-new concept, SPORTEL Rendez-Vous.

In addition, the development of SPORTEL Awards as a distinct cultural initiative has added a new dimension and increased the event’s recognition.

Finally, Monaco Mediax Events offers a complete range of event planning and management services to bring our clients' projects to life.

Driven by the same passion and commitment, our team puts all its know-how and expertise at the service of the events we organize.

Our next events in 2022:

  • SPORTEL Rendez-Vous Miami, from March 14 to 15
  • The Monte-Carlo Television Festival, from June 17 to 21
  • SPORTEL Monaco, from October 24-26
  • SPORTEL Awards, in October